Why ProTel?

Getting the best communication services at the best rates requires specialized knowledge.

The Best Rates. The Best Service.
That's the ProTel Advantage!

To put it simply, when you become a client of ProTel, we guarantee that you'll save money.

Telecommunications technology is changing at a rapid rate.  Product margins are lessening and carriers are more apt to negotiate to obtain a new client.  That’s where we come in. Clients look for three things when reviewing their telecom services—Carrier Reliability, Stability, and Price.

Focus on your business, not on researching the communications market.

End users are at a disadvantage when trying to negotiate contracts on their own.  In this dynamic environment, it is important to have a seasoned, knowledgeable professional advising you on your options and choices.

We know that selecting a phone/internet provider is timely and frustrating, so we do the legwork for you based on your requirements. After consulting with you, a ProTel representative will walk you through the different provider choices and provide an unbiased opinion of which solution works best for your business.

ProTel has partnered with more than 30 Voice and Data providers nationwide. We conducted our own internal market research to ensure that we work with only the most financially stable telecom companies. Each was selected only after passing our rigorous screening system focusing on reliability, service, and overall value.  Our staff constantly seeks out and negotiates the most up-to-date information on rate plans for all of our major carriers.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients have to say.

We had multiple bills from various carriers. Through their carrier expertise, ProTel came in and cleaned up our situation. The process was more efficient then I could ever have imagined.

—Charles Becker
Director of Operations, March of Dimes

Bill reviews, traffic studies, and bandwidth utilization reports are a few examples of how ProTel stays on top of our account. We always feel that our voice and data are optimized properly.

—Arun Wilkinson
Chief Technical Officer Cicatelli Associates

My bills dropped by 30% after bringing ProTel in to review our setup!

—Ed Schneer
La Lame, Inc.

Anytime I have a question about my bill or something service-related, I never call into the carrier. ProTel handles everything. It’s great.

—Sandra J. Antonucci
Chief Technology Officer, Aquila Investment Management LLC

We Have a 98% Client Retention Rate!

Contact us today and start enjoying the unique client services that only ProTel can offer.